Colorado Shooting Victim Posts Photos Of His Gunshot Wound On Reddit (PHOTOS)

An as-yet unidentified gunman opened fire on a crowd that was watching The Dark Knight Rises at a midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado last night. The latest reports peg the number of casualties at 15 dead and 50 injured.

One person claiming to be one of the injured theater patrons is a Reddit user by the name of themurderator (quite eerie username, all things considered). Though his claims are unconfirmed, he posted three photos of an injury that appears to be caused by a bullet to the popular social news site.

In a Reddit comment, he described his experience:

“no one will believe me until i post the picture, but i was there and i was shot… well, grazed really. i’m doing all right just a little shook up. me and my girlfriend waited unrtil it seemed the shooting was finished so we were some of the last people out of the theatre and there was a lot of blood. i will do an AMA once i am out of the hospital.”

The photos of his wound, and one of his face, are copied below. Be warned: they include some gore. It’s nothing too gross, but those with weak stomachs may not want to look.

According to reports, the shooter opened fire as soon as Batman appeared on the screen during the film.

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  1. Be well, wishing you a fast recovery. Peace

  2. This is so sad!!! You will be in my prayers tonight.

  3. Mark J.Carkhuff says:

    I’m Sorry , Gun’s in the hands of the wrong people Do this to Peaceful Loving People who just like a night out on the Town,as your self,we need Tuffer Laws towards Guns I’m sorry to say but after this I Bet you agree,get well Jesus saves He saved me now Lives in me for His Will to Be Done.PS I hope I’m it’s not to late to leave a note, I’m just surfing the web and found this about you,anyway, get well.