Elisabetta Canalis Gets Sexy, Sexy Heatstroke in PETA Ad (VIDEO)

Elisabetta Canalis (who you may know from her work as a supermodel, or as George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend) gets hot in an entirely different way in PETA’s newest ad.

In the short PSA, Elisabetta plays a ‘dog’ (insert surprise that that comparison could even be made) who is locked in a car on a hot day. Obviously, being a dog, she’s unable to work the locks and soon begins heaving and sweating and really causing the viewer to question what they’re supposed to be feeling. Lust? Sadness? Shame due to the former? Yeah, that.

Canalis sexily struggles in vain to escape the hot vehicle, pounding on windows and kicking at doors before sexily succumbing to heatstroke. Sexy, sexy heatstroke.

Hey, whatever gets people to pay attention, right?

But seriously, you guys, don’t leave your pets in the car when it’s warm outside. We guarantee that when you return, you will not find a supermodel in your back seat. This has been your Manolith PSA.

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