Luckiest Dude in Russia – Man Narrowly Survives Gas Station Accident (VIDEO)

Sweet jebus, a Russian man survives a multi-car accident, narrowly escaping with his life–christening him with the title of ‘The Luckiest Dude in Russia.’

It’s been reported by Russia Today that the accident occured in Orenburg, a transcontinental city near the Ural River.

In the 32-second clip, we see a truck swerve onto the road. A bus carrying 30 passengers tries to avoid the truck, clipping its side, and careens into a Lukoil gas station. A man stands there pumping his gas. From the first-person vantage point of a camera mounted in the bus, we see the man flinch and take one step. A flying door narrowly misses the man. Both vehicles come to a halt. He stands briefly stunned in the wake of the accident before meandering around aimlessly.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Claudio Paskuale and the narrow escape has had over a million views.

“Though a stand covering the gas pumps was hit, no fuel apparently leaked, and what could have been a massive blast involving dozens of casualties did not happen,” reports Russia Today.

This guy is definitely the luckiest dude in Russia.

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