Robert Downey Jr. Stops By Comic-Con, Makes Some Kids’ Day (VIDEO)

Think back, for a moment, to when you were a kid: who was your superhero idol? And how would you have felt if that idol dropped by a costume contest you were participating in and complemented your crudely drawn Sharpie goatee? Life = made.

That’s just what happened for a group of kids at Comic-Con 2012. As a group of youngsters ranging in age from two to fourteen gathered to show off their homemade and store-bought Iron Man (and War Machine) costumes, they got a big, awesome surprise when none other than Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) strolled in to say hello.

The actor led the kids in an ‘Iron Man’ chant, dished out complements on their costumes, and posed for pictures with his young fans. At the end, every participant received an Iron Man 3 poster signed by Downey Jr. himself.

The kids seemed thrilled with the opportunity to meet their idol, and despite his Tony Stark persona, Downey Jr. seemed determined to make the kids’ day. Mission accomplished, it seems. Obviously you don’t have to be a real superhero to save the day.

Check out the video of his appearance below and feel the warmth spread deep within the cockles of your heart.

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