Antivirus Update Causes Windows XP Computers to Crash

If you use Symantec antivirus software on your Windows XP computer, you could be in trouble. According to reports, a new update for Symantec’s Endpoint Protection 12.1 antivirus program causes a system to become completely useless.

“On July 11th, 2012 Symantec Security Response started receiving reports of customers experiencing blue screens after applying the July 11th revision 18 definitions,” Symantec Security Response team member Orla Cox recently noted in a blog post.

“Machines may continue to blue screen after they reboot. This problem only appears to occur on Windows XP machines.”

If you’re not familiar with it, the “blue screen of death” occurs when something seriously wrong occurs on a system. It can sometimes be dismissed with a simple hard boot (reset), but in this case it appears to come back, time after time.

To date, only about 350 people have complained to Symantec that the update has effectively “bricked” their system in this way. However, the update was only released last week, meaning more cases could be discovered in the coming days.

Overall, it’s been a trying episode for those people affected by the problem. “This whole episode is a joke,” claimed one victim who posted their opinion on Symantec’s user forum.

“Had the issue been a conflict with a random device driver then I could maybe slightly more sympathetic…But for it to conflict with its own Symantec related drivers and cause this issue is a total farce. Who tested it before release? Was it even tested?”

Another Symantec user wanted to know if the antivirus company would compensate them “for the hours of lost worker production and the time and effort taken by IT staffs to rectify this huge error by Symantec.”

Symantec’s solution to the problem has involved helping affected users rollback their systems to prior to the update. If you’ve been affected by the issue, contact Symantec immediately.

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