Joe Paterno Knew All About Jerry Sandusky’s Sexual Deviance

Jerry Sandusky (left) with Joe Paterno

A report from Penn State has come out stating that Joe Paterno, the late and famous football coach, knew about Jerry Sandusky’s sexual deviance.

The report was issued on Thursday by former FBI Director Louis Freeh. It states that Paterno misled a grand jury during the 1998 child abuse investigation of Sandusky, who was the Penn State’s football defensive coordinator. The allegations report that Paterno knew that Sandusky was a sexual predator, and did nothing more than report his findings to adminstrators. The two men continued to work alongside one another.

Sandusky has been convicted of sexually assaulting teen boys. The verdict came last month.

Before his death, Paterno stated that he was saddened by what had happened, and he wished he could have prevented the sexual assaults.

The report from Penn State University allegedly contains evidence that Paterno stopped an official investigation regarding a shower incident between Sandusky and a boy in 2001. State officials were never contacted after Timonthy Curley, Penn State’s president at the time, told the university to abandon the complaint “after talking it over with Joe.”

“I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Paterno,” Freeh said. “But the facts are the facts. He was an integral part of an active effort to conceal.”

The report portrays Paterno as actively concealing critical facts in order to preserve the reputation of the university’s athletic program.

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One Response to Joe Paterno Knew All About Jerry Sandusky’s Sexual Deviance

  1. Michael Werth says:

    So what’s the big deal….a few children got raped? We have to think of the alumni and the Football program first.

    Joe Pat makes me sick. The NCAA should remove their program and make the school pay 1ML to each victim and also pay 20ML to a children’s outreach org.