BBQ Chip Bandits Busted, Reporter & Officer Can’t Keep a Straight Face (VIDEO)

You know when you have an overwhelming case of the munchies, and nothing will suffice but a tasty bag of chips? Yes, we’ve all been there. And so were two university students who had the same starchy craving.

Watch the video that details the ‘crummy’ crime from start to finish.

The two “intoxicated young ladies” broke into a woman’s house and thieved her delicious bag of chips. They are a rare brand of BBQ chips, apparently. “They are very specific and hard to obtain barbeque chips,” says the police officer, sheding light on this masterful crime.

The sight of the chippy goodness was too much for the girls to bear. The officer states that the “effervescent chip package from the open garage just appeared too yummy to pass up for two highly intoxicated young ladies.”

Have no fear. The canine unit was called in and they followed the scent and trail of the BBQ chips to the culprits. Crime solving at its best.

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