‘Arrested Development’ Starts Filming in Four Weeks

Since its cancellation in 2006, Arrested Development fans have been teased with rumors about the show’s return. But after going years without anything coming of the rumors (they just couldn’t seem to get one in the can), many fans gave up hope that we’d ever get to see any more of the Bluth family’s exploits.

Until, that is, it was announced last year that the infinitely quotable cult-favorite will be filming a new season and possibly a movie for a Netflix-only release in 2013. All ten episodes in the series are set to be released on the same day.

We were (justifiably) skeptical. But it seems that this time, it’s really happening.

On Tuesday, Jason Bateman and Ron Howard confirmed that the Arrested Development series is actually going to happen, with filming starting in just four weeks! Check out their Tweets and photos below:

The Final Countdown has begun! All we have to say about this is, “Steve Holt!”

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