Get To Know Ricki Noel Lander, New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Alleged Young Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been described as the one of the classiest men in pro sports. His team has been through some ups and downs (a lot more ups than downs, lately) and he has guided the organization as well as any of the other billionaires in his elite company.

Robert Kraft’s wife, Myra Kraft, passed away in 2011 and the shot of him standing alone, looking up to the heavens, after the Patriots lost to the Giants in last season’s Super Bowl is heartbreaking.

Apparently, he’s over Myra’s death now. At least, that is, if recent reports are to be believed. The 71-year-old Kraft is now rumored to be dating a 32-year-old dancer and aspiring actress named Ricki Noel Lander. That’s a 39-year age gap, for those who aren’t great at math. It violates the “half your age plus seven” rule of relationships.

The relationship has been rumored for a while now, with Kraft only saying that Lander is his “pal.” It blew up this morning, however, when this video of Kraft helping Lander audition for a crude scene in an Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie that includes stripper characters went viral:

Just who is Ricki Noel Lander? There isn’t much information about her to be found. She’s had small, guest-starring roles on shoes like True Blood, Ugly Betty and CSI. She played a flight attendant in the movie Iron Man.

She seems to have been dating Kraft, or at least spending time with him, for a little while now. They haven’t exactly tried to hide it, judging by the photos below. Would you blame Kraft for being proud of his relationship? As weird as it is that he’s twice her age, it’s not like he’s cheating on his (dead) wife or anything.

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18 Responses to Get To Know Ricki Noel Lander, New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Alleged Young Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    Wow. I don’t even know how to respond to this. I’m sure it’s true love! Just another reason to loathe the franchise.

    • Love how all videos are blocked around the Internets. If Robert Kraft has this kind of power over the Internets, think of our beloved government? Scary stuff. This guy’s a tool.

  2. Aside from the instinctive creepy factor, this seems ok to me.

    It’s not like she’s 26 and he’s 86 (Hugh Heffner I’m looking at you)

  3. Whatever floats your boat?

  4. Typically.
    Did he always want a young airhead instead of a respectable woman like Myra?
    I can only guess as to the mistresses behind closed doors while Myra was alive.

  5. david goldenberg says:

    I wonder if there will be a MJK little logo on the front of the shirts this year like last year ?
    The 4 son’s must be real proud of “The Boss” for this.
    He can’t do better than this ?

  6. it amazes me how these millionaires let these golddiggin hos in there lives its pretty clear shes with him for his money, to try and kickstart a worthless actin carrer and to get hooked up with some nfl players. shes prob gonna be leavin kraft after she gets a actin gig,drains what she can out of him financialy and gets some dick from the highest paid players on the pats squad. wake up mr kraft may be fun for a minute but you can get high end escorts for less money and trouble shes gonna bring to your life

  7. TewksburyBob says:

    Good for him. Whatever makes you happy.

  8. Its Myra’s money he’s spending on this golddigger. But Kraft should know – he gold digged Myra. Her father was the millionaire.

  9. Im sure if he was homeless & didn’t have a nickel to his name she’d still love him! LOL!!!

  10. Well Robbie, if she makes you happy great, but mind your wallet, as there could be some gold digging involved in this kind of relationship. You like young ladies like my older brother. He says that he can only go for girls in their 20’s, when you passed 30 you are too old for him and when you are in your 40’s you are a granny LOOOL… I laugh at his comments but this is madness, my brother seriously is suffering from an age disorder and my mission is to fix it before women in their 20’s become too old for him. The guy is in his early 50’s, what should I call him? A grandaddy. A woman in her early 40 should be a great match for him, but he’ll go berserk if you make such a suggestion. You see you’re better than him, since you chose to be with a woman in her 30’s.

  11. I can’t believe that a class act gentleman like Robert Kraft would hook up with a bimbo. Myra Kraft was a classy wonderful lady. I don’t know what you’re thinking Mr. Kraft, but the bimbo certainly pulls down your image rating!!!

    • Being young does not mean she’s a “Bimbo.” I’m sure Myra was 32 at some point. Hey Look! Speaking from a man’s perspective, I don’t want to hook up with a wrinkled ass. I haven’t met any man who wants to end up with a wrinkle ass, no matter how wrinkle their own ass may be.

  12. Hmmm! Let me digest this for a second. I’m a 71 year old single Billionaire and I have my choice of hooking up with a 32 year old “Babe” or an “Old Rag” like myself…Is there really a choice here people? Seriously!

  13. Is it any surprise a black man was chosen to be President over a woman. Sorry Hilary but it is your gender that contains all the groopies and all the people who will sleep with someone older than their grandfather for money.

  14. Like Heather Graham without the chest or talent?

  15. Good for Robert! I don’t think he could give a rat’s ass about the moronic comments made here by envious losers.