Players Scramble As Lightning Strikes The Rangers And Twins Game (VIDEO)

During yesterday’s game between the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers, a bolt of lightning touched down very close to Ballpark in Arlington. Pitcher Roy Oswalt was on the mound and about to deliver a pitch when a flash of light, followed immediately by the sound of loud thunder, startled everyone.

Players immediately ran for shelter in the dugouts. The umpires joined them, racing off the field as fast as they could will their portly bodies to race. Rangers owner Nolan Ryan, on the other hand, was a calm and cool as can be. He just sat there, in a relaxed state.

Take a look:

It makes perfect sense that the players and umpires would want to seek shelter. After all, they are the highest points on a large area of flat ground (the field). They are targets for lightning. What makes much less sense is the fact that the ground crew came running out to cover the field in a tarp. Are the members of the ground crew not just as big of a target for lightning? Do their lives no matter just as much as the players? has another look at the whole thing, with different commentary. Check out the reaction of Josh Willingham. He hits the deck like he’s in the middle of of some artillery shelling.

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