Liverpool’s New Shirt Has Tribal Tattoos On The Sleeves (PHOTOS)

Liverpool is a football (soccer) club with a very rich history. Founded in 1892, The Reds have captured 18 first division titles in England and have been club champions of Europe five times. They may not be quite on the level of a club like Manchester United (though their supporters will take issue with that), but they are no slouches. They have reason to be proud.

So, it makes little sense that Liverpool would make the decision they just made. It’s the kind of decision that you can’t undo. Like a tattoo (which is fitting).

Liverpool just unveiled the third shirts/kits/jerseys (different names depending on where you live in the world) the club will sport next season. They are purple, which is a bit weird for the club, but that’s okay. The point of change kits is that they are a different color from what you normally wear.

The real issue is the design on the sleeves of these shirts. In plain sight, for everyone in the world to see, are tribal tattoo designs. Tribals!

Tribal tattoos, of course, were never cool. But, if they ever were, they stopped being so back in the late ’90s. At this point, they are downright shameful.

The only saving grace for these abominations is that they will be worn infrequently–probably only for some Champions League games.

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