Is Seth Meyers Leaving SNL To Become The New Regis?

Seth Meyers has been the head writer over at Saturday Night Live for seven seasons now, making him the longest-tenured head writer since Jim Downey held the title from 1986 to 1995. According to recent reports, Meyers is now preparing to leave that role for a much more prominent one.

This Monday, Meyers will begin a five-day stint as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on Live! With Kelly. Most insiders agree that this is a trial run for a permanent position. Regis Philbin stepped down recently and the show has been on the hunt for a new co-host ever since. Many stars have co-hosted for a show or two, but only Neil Patrick Harris has done it for a full week.

In addition to Meyers, the other rumored candidates for the job are Josh Groban and Michael Strahan (the retired football player), so… yeah. The job is going to be Meyers’ if he wants it.

Reportedly, he would stay on as host of SNL’s Weekend Update even if he takes the job. He would step down as head writer, however.

Don’t worry about SNL, though. The show will be fine. The top candidate to assume that role is stand-up comedian and current SNL writer John Mulaney, who is absolutely hilarious:

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