Patent Filed For Apple Glasses, A Possible Google Glass Competitor

Remember that promotional video for Google’s Project Glass that came out a few months ago? The one where the guy navigates a bookstore, buys a ukulele and plays a song for his girlfriend, all with the assistance of his augmented reality glasses? This one:

It looks like Google isn’t the only major tech company working on wearable technology. Apple just filed a patent for a product that many believe is to be a competitor for Google Glass. At the very least, it’s evidence that Apple is looking at the possibility of entering that arena.

Apple actually filed for the patent back in 2006, but only this past Tuesday was it granted a patent for “peripheral treatment of head-mounted displays.”

The patent is for “a display device that a person wears on the head in order to have video information displayed in front of the eyes.” That sounds an awful lot like Google Glass.

Google plans to introduce its product to the public in 2014. Can Apple be far behind? Or, perhaps, is Apple looking to sneak in and steal Google’s thunder?

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