Scientists Announce Higgs Boson Discovery With… Comic Sans?!

Scientists at CERN just discovered the long-theorized Higgs boson particle, nicknamed the “God particle,” potentially opening up the possibility of discovering the true origins of all matter in the universe. Way to go, scientists. Definitely some good work.

However, a much more important development came out of CERN today: the discovery that even the smartest people in the world are still using the font comic sans. Comic freaking sans! Doesn’t the most important scientific discovery of this century warrant the use of a classier font? Bad work, scientists.

Look at this slide from the official announcement and see if you can hold in your lunch:

Comic sans, of course, is quite possible the most disgusting typeface in the world (you could make an argument for wingdings, but at least it’s a tiny bit whimsical and fun). The only acceptable application of comic sans is in comic books. Use of it in any other context should be punishable by death.

Twitter users, of course, revolted, posting messages like this one:

Even Vincent Connare, the man who created comic sans and unleashed its awfulness on the world, thinks the scientists are stupid for using it in their presentation:

All in all, it was an interesting day in science. We accomplish perhaps the greatest scientific feat in human history and we simultaneously prove just how far we have to go.

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2 Responses to Scientists Announce Higgs Boson Discovery With… Comic Sans?!

  1. You and everyone else crying about it are pathetic.

  2. Font elitists can go serif a capital; this is huge news and complaining about comic sans just makes you look like a tool.