‘Craigslist Joe’ Movie Follows Guy as He Lives Off of Craiglist Ads (VIDEO)

Usually, when a young guy ditches all of his worldly possessions (except his iPhone, of course) and heads out into the world to ‘experience life’, we call it ‘Post-College Existential Crisis’. Joe Garner, however, made it into a movie and called it ‘Craigslist Joe’.

The flick follows 32-year-old Joe as he cuts his possessions down to the bare essentials, leaves his friends behind, and embarks on a 31-day journey across America. In order to secure food, transportation, lodging, and more (including the cameraman who films his journey), he uses Craigslist ads.

“Some say we’ve lost the sense of community that used to carry us through tough times. Some say technology and social media fuel this isolation,” says Joe in the trailer for the film. His mission, obviously, is to disprove this statement, and show viewers all of the different ways that social media can bring us together.

As you can imagine, Joe meets all sorts of interesting people in his travels, and hijinks ensue. From the trailer, we see a man with a rooster in his car and a dominatrix, among others.

Craigslist Joe is produced by comedian and Hangover star Zack Galifianakis, who knows Garner from working with him on The Hangover. It looks like it could be a pretty interesting and uplifting movie. Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself:

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  1. Nokyoung Xayasane
    Nokyoung Xayasane says:

    It looks like an awesome, heartwarming movie!