Louis C.K. Ditches Ticketmaster And Sells $4.5 Million In Tickets On His Own

Louis C.K., the renowned comedian whose fantastic show, Louie, began its third season last night on FX, is continuing to blaze a trail as an innovator in the comedy world.

Last year, Louis C.K. put a video of his latest comedy special, Live at the Beacon Theater, on sale on his website. He completely cut out the middleman, hiring his own crew to shoot the special and not bothering to air it on television. The experiment was a huge success, resulting in a reported $1 million in sales. Soon, other comedians, like Aziz Ansari, were copying the model.

Now, Louis C.K. is taking things even further. He has decided to cut yet another middleman from his business dealings. This time, it’s Ticketmaster, the perennial monopoly-holder in the live events ticketing world.

Tickets for Louis C.K.’s upcoming tour are on sale on his website. They are almost completely devoid of the ridiculous fees that Ticketmaster (and similar ticketing services) typically add.

And they are selling fast.

Reportedly, Louis C.K. has already sold more than 100,000 tickets, resulting in around $4.5 million in revenue. He did this is two days.

Take that, Ticketmaster.

“Tickets are 45 dollars, every seat, every City,” the comedian explained on his website. “That includes all taxes and fees. You don’t have to join anything and you don’t have to hear from me again unless you want to. Just cheap tickets to see me do an all new bunch of jokes.”

One gets the feeling that we’ll soon be seeing a lot of other comedians–and maybe some bands, too–copy this model.

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