Shocker Of The Year: Face-Eating Man Was Not On Bath Salts, After All

Laboratory tests have revealed that the blood of the Florida man who was shot while literally eating the face of another man contained no street drugs other than marijuana.

That must have been a serious case of the munchies, then.

The news comes as a shock, as most (including basically everyone in the media, include the team here at Manolith) had assumed that the face-eating man was under the influence of bath salts.

His name was Randy Eugene and he was shot and killed by police in the incident. The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner released a report saying that toxicology tests found only marijuana in Eugene’s system. There were no other street drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, nor adulterants often mixed with street drugs, in his system.

It’s not difficult to conclude that marijuana was not likely the cause of his behavior. Despite its illegality, millions of Americans ingest marijuana every day and cannibalistic attacks aren’t exactly a common occurrence.

Dr. Bruce Goldberger, Professor and Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida, said that it’s possible Eugene had a new, synthetic drug in his system–one that cannot be detected by current tests.

“The problem today is that there is an almost an infinite number of chemical substances out there that can trigger unusual behavior,” said Goldberger. “There are many of these synthetic drugs that we currently don’t have the methodology to test on, and that is not the fault of the toxicology lab.”

It’s also a reasonably likely possibility that Eugene had a pre-existing mental disorder that was exacerbated and aggravated by the marijuana.

Ronald Poppo, the 65-year-old homeless man whose face was eaten, remains in hospital. Photographs of his face are available online, but you probably don’t want to search for them. Trust me on that one.

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2 Responses to Shocker Of The Year: Face-Eating Man Was Not On Bath Salts, After All

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    But was it synthetic THC? If you’re gonna do drugs, do the naturally occurring kind, I suppose…!? I’ve got a conspiracy theory surrounding these latest outbreaks in synthetic drug stories. That dude in Waco, TX, was only on “spice” … synthetic ganja. Some freaky stuff going down!

  2. Global Citizen says:

    Perhaps peptide altering drugs that cannot be detected in normal labs is the real cause of his attack as this article suggests