The Stephanie Rice Swimsuit Controversy Is Stupid (PHOTOS)

Time for another story that has arisen out of a woman posting a photo of herself, wearing little clothing, on Twitter. This one, however, it a heck of a lot more stupid than all the others.

Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer. She’ll be at the Olympics in London this summer. She’s done and said some controversial and offensive things in the past (like tweeting “suck on that f*ggots” after her favorite rugby team won a game). However, the recent “controversy” surrounding her is anything but.

Rice makes a living in a swimsuit, so it’s disappointing that anyone is shocked or offended by a photo of her wearing a swimsuit. That’s exactly what happened, though.

Rice posted this photo of herself in a designer two-piece, which she apparently got for her 24th birthday, on Twitter:

Somehow, this became a story. Newspapers started reporting this “racy” image and questioning Rice’s judgment. Some pointed out that her sponsor, Speedo, would be unhappy with her wearing another brand of swimwear (those people didn’t bother to check that her endorsement deal with Speedo ended a while ago).

The whole thing is pretty ridiculous. Rice’s homophobic comments have set her up as an allegedly volatile personality that the media seems to want to see implode. She’s just a young woman. A very attractive young woman. She makes her living in a swimsuit and she has every right to post photos of herself in a swimsuit without being criticized for it.

Below, some photos taken by members of the media, of Rice, that are more scandalous than what she posted on Twitter:

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  1. Booya! This is the exact article I was looking for. Again, I feel this photo has been blown out of proportion like like you have. She swims in one for a living and has even modeled for FHM. This is another example of the media stretching for something to write about. This is not news! It’s her personal choice!