Sylvester Stallone Wins Legal Battle With Writer Who Says Stallone Stole Idea For ‘The Expendables’

The Expendables 2 doesn’t open in theaters until August 17th, but the movie franchise helmed by Sylvester Stallone has just won a big battle (and without the use of guns).

A Manhattan judge has dismissed a lawsuit claiming that Stallone stole the idea for the first Expendables movie from another screenplay, written by Marcus Webb, called The Cordoba Caper.

The Expendables is about a group of elite mercenaries, played by an ensemble cast of action movie superstars including Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, “Stone Cole” Steve Austin, Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren, who band together to overthrow a Latin American dictator.

Webb was seeking damages for copyright improvement and also sought to prevent the release of The Expendables 2.

Webb said that his screenplay also featured a team of elite mercenaries and even had a villain, General Garza, that had the same name as a villain in The Expendables.

Stallone’s team argued that the screenplay they used was a revised screenplay written before Webb wrote The Cordoba Caper.

Check out the trailer for The Expendables 2:

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