Maple Leafs Forward Joffrey Lupul Gets Busted Asking For Nude Pictures On Twitter (PHOTOS)

Twitter has really changed the world of professional sports, giving fans direct access to their favorite players. It has also given those players access to their adoring fans.

One player taking advantage of this access is Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul (@JLupul). A female fan of Lupul’s has posted a screenshot of a DM conversation she had with him over Twitter (direct messages are private on Twitter) in which he appears to be asking her to send him nude photos of herself.

The fan’s name, according to Twitter, is Taylor Marie and her Twitter handle is @Princesss_Sass. She Tweeted the following message to Lupul two days ago:

“Hey @JLupul you can’t tell me this doesn’t peak your interest… #imhot”

Lupul apparently responded over DM, asking for more pictures. She then posted a screenshot of that exchange:

Taylor Marie (I get the feeling that’s not her real name) has previously bragged on Twitter about partying with NHL stars. Based on the pictures she’s posted on Twitter, she attended the NHL Draft last week. She has also been very open about her sexual exploits and preferences and more than willing to post photos of herself in revealing attire, such as these:

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7 Responses to Maple Leafs Forward Joffrey Lupul Gets Busted Asking For Nude Pictures On Twitter (PHOTOS)

  1. syd barrett says:

    Lupul is heterosexual – I’ll alert the media.
    People are so hard up?

    • I agree. This whole “news” is ridiculous. Plus I don’t think there’s any mention of “nude” pictures in the conversation. People need to get a life.

  2. How is this image proof that this conversation actually took place. Here is the scenario I think happened Taylor Marie opened Photoshop or some other image editing program
    and created the image copy and pasting the applicable images like the little icons. The person just simply choose the words that JLupul would say in the image. This is a morph fake con image designed to trash another Leafs player. It is sickening how much the world hates the Leafs and will go to any lengths to trash a Leafs player. Example look at that Kessel morphed image. This screenshot is a fake. I do not believe a media person would write a story about this.


  3. Further more her explanation on her blog is a total lie. She says she has no knowledge of photoshop. The picture at the top of her blog shows she is a liar. Show me where that picture is. I am sure you will not find it anywhere else but on her blog. So how did she add her twitter id on her picture she posts on her Google Plus account. This person is a total liar


  4. Furthermore person posts same picture she posts on her Google Plus account on her Youtube account, different size without any text on that version of that picture. If you jump around her various profiles she has various size versions of the same picture. So when she says she does not know how to use photoshop well she is a total liar


  5. To have a private message with someone through Twitter, don’t you have to both be following each other?! Lupul doesn’t follow people he doesn’t know, this is so fake!!!!!!!

    • David Woods
      David Woods says:

      Go to her account. She posted another photo showing that he follows her. Verify it for yourself if you don’t believe it.