Italy’s Andea Pirlo Takes A Cheeky Penalty Kick Against England At Euro 2012 (VIDEO)

Italy beat England in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals yesterday. The game was scoreless after 90 minutes and still scoreless after 30 minutes of added time, sending it to penalty kicks. Italy won the penalty shootout by a score of 4-2, after two men named Ashley (Cole and Young) failed to score for England.

The highlight of the shootout was a cheeky goal by Italian veteran midfielder Andrea Pirlo. Rather than stepping back and blasting a hard shot to the corner of the net, Pirlo simply floated a slow shot straight to the middle of the net. England goalkeeper Joe Hart was left helpless on the goal. He dove to the side, expecting a hard shot. All he could do was watch as Pirlo’s flick slowly sailed into the mesh. Pirlo would have looked like a fool if Hart has stood still (as he would have easily saved the shot), but instead he comes out looking like a genius.

Take a look at the goal:

Next up for Italy is a game against Germany on Thursday.

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