Alternate Mass Effect 3 Ending Available for Download Tomorrow

It’s been a few months since Electronic Arts (EA) faced a flood of complaints about the ending of its popular sci-fi shooter, Mass Effect 3. Apparently the cinematic conclusion wasn’t quite enough for gamers expecting a more dramatic wrap-up to one of the most popular titles in gaming history, and players responded by voting EA the worst company in America.

Now, EA is trying to win back supporters by offering an alternative Mass Effect 3 ending for download. Given that the company, in cooperation with developer BioWare, will offer the new conclusion free-of-charge via Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC download, it may very well prove a successful venture.

BioWare and EA are calling this new downloadable content (DLC) an “extended cut” version of the original Mass Effect 3 ending. It will be released tomorrow, June 26, 2012. According to a press release, this new conclusion will “expand upon the events at the end of Mass Effect 3” via “additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes.”

The new DLC represents a dramatic and almost unprecedented appeal to gamers by major game producers that could, let’s face it, easily survive without making amends. It has left some industry insiders wondering if all the extra effort was really worth it.

“I’ve never quite understood the uproar over the ending,” noted Giant Bomb‘s Alex Navarro. “I mean, was it a great one? No, not really. Was it a bit careless, all things considered? Yeah, probably. Did it ruin any and all enjoyment I had of the series to date? Not really.”

Perhaps the bigger issue, however, isn’t whether or not the DLC was necessary, but if it’s too late. Most Mass Effect 3 gamers have probably moved on to new titles, like Diablo 3 or the new Max Payne, in the time since the ME3 ending outrage.

Given the circumstances, then, it might just be that few gamers actually notice EA’s bold attempt to make amends.

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  1. Jose Acosta says:

    Finally the ending was the only part of a great game that left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean i went through alot of trouble to get a good ending just to turn around and have all my efforts feel like it didnt matter. I think they should have released this a few months ago or at least a month and a half after the game was released. and save alot of face im not gunna bash ea because i still love The mass effect series. It is one of the best stories ive played on any system so far.