Reading Rainbow App Aims To Make Reading Fun For A New Generation

I’ll be completely transparent: I chose to write about this topic so that I would have an excuse for listening to this sweet song over and over again. I highly recommend you do it, too. Open that baby up in a background tab, hit play and come on back to read the rest of this article. Do it.

Former Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton is still committed to getting kids excited about reading. The show was canceled in 2009 (did you know it lasted that long? I had no idea), but this isn’t the end of the Reading Rainbow brand. The concept is back–in app form.

The official Reading Rainbow iPad app just launched. According to Burton, the team behind the app put in a lot of work to make the experience as magical as watching the TV show was. He said that the aim was to create something richer than another typical e-book experience.

The app’s main interface is based on a series of floating islands. Each island represents a different genre of books, including “Animal Kingdom,” “Action Adventures & Magic Tales” and “Genius Academy” (math and science). The app will continue to be developed in the future, so you can expect more genres to be added.

Access to the app’s library of books is available for a subscription price of $9.99 per month or $29.99 for six months. You can get the app on the App Store today.

Here’s the official trailer:

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  1. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    Reading Rainbow was the best show. While the app isn’t quite as magical, hopefully it will help bring a love of reading to a new generation.

    Also, allow me to direct you to this photo of LeVar Burton getting out of a traffic ticket because the cop car rear-ended his car as he was pulling over.

    While wearing a Reading Rainbow shirt. Badass.