Apple Moving In The Wrong Direction With Rumored MagSafe iPhone 5 Dock Connector

When the first images of the upcoming iPhone’s (rumored to be called the iPhone 5) case leaked online, one of the first things noticed by tech bloggers was the smaller dock connector port on the bottom of the phone. Initially, many assumed that Apple was ready to ditch the same old dock connector it has been using on its iOS devices since their inception.

What would replace the old dock connector? Micro USB has emerged as the worldwide standard for phone charging. The size of the port on the leaked iPhone case looks to be the size of a micro USB port. It must be a micro USB, right?

That doesn’t look to be the case.

It has been confirmed that the new dock connector on the upcoming iPhone will be 19-pins. Micro USB isn’t 19-pins.

Instead, the latest rumor is that Apple plans to introduce a new, MagSafe-like dock connector for the next iPhone. For those unfamiliar with MagSafe, it’s Apple’s proprietary line of cables for charging its line of MacBooks. MagSafe cables attach to the devices they charge via magnets, which mean that they can easily disconnect themselves when pulled on (such as when someone trips on a cable).

The worst news is that tech insiders expect the new iPhone MagSafe cables to include a chip that will verify whether they are legitimate. What does this mean? No cheap, third-party charging cables will work with iPhones. You will be forced to purchase overpriced cables directly from Apple. Ugh.

Apple is taking things in the wrong direction. Instead of adopting the worldwide standard for mobile device charging, they are closing off their ecosystem even more than it currently is.

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3 Responses to Apple Moving In The Wrong Direction With Rumored MagSafe iPhone 5 Dock Connector

  1. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    Oh, but they’re “thinking different”, you see. Different from the accepted standard so they can increase their profits by not giving their customers a choice.

  2. Meh, just wait until someone cracks that chip and that will be on every third party charger.

  3. Every microUSB charging cable I’ve used at one time or another has broken, and in some cases broken the connector itself. I’m not a fan.