Twitter Goes Down And A Hacker Group Claims Responsibility

If you’re like me, today’s nearly hour-long Twitter outage highlighted just how much of a hopeless addict you are. I just sat there refreshing the page and growing increasingly agitated when my feed wouldn’t load. I needs my tweets!

The team at Twitter hasn’t revealed the cause of today’s outage–the longest in a while. On Twitter’s official Tumblr page, the following message was posted:

Now, as hacker groups are wont to do, a hacker group is claiming responsibility for the outage.

A collection of self-described hackers called UGNazi says that it took down Twitter with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. The claim is dubious, as Twitter is pretty well shielded against DDoS attacks. It’s not like hackers just became aware of Twitter and decided to take it down. Hackers are constantly trying to penetrate Twitter’s defenses.

Hannah Sweet, known by the hacker name “Cosmo,” says that UGNazi attacked Twitter because the site supports the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Previously, UGNazi has attacked Google, Comcast and BP.

The members of UGNazi say that they don’t fear the law and they post their real names on the UGNazi website.

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