Jeff Daniels Confirms “Dumb And Dumber” Sequel Is Dead… Maybe

Yesterday, news broke that Jim Carrey had backed out of the Dumb and Dumber sequel (said to be ingeniously titled Dumb And Dumber To) due to what he described as a “lack of enthusiasm” from the studio about the project.

Last night, the crew at TMZ caught up with the other star of the film, Jeff Daniels, and asked him if the project was dead. His answer? “It’s on the Internet. We’re not doing it.”

Have a look:

Of course, it’s not hard to tell that Daniels’ tongue was planted firmly in his cheek when offering that answer. That said, it was an opportunity for him to deny the rumor and he did not do so.

This movie seems like a winner, so it’s puzzling that the studio wouldn’t be enthusiastic about it. Dumb and Dumber was by no means a great movie, but it has aged really well and the nostalgia people feel towards it is very real. It’s hard to imagine that a sequel wouldn’t be successful (the crappy prequel with neither Carrey nor Daniels doesn’t count).

Maybe Carrey is just angling for more money and all this talk is part of those negotiations. Maybe the script is bad and people really are bailing on the project. Regardless, it doesn’t look good for fans of Harry and Lloyd.

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