Microsoft Surface Tablet Crashes During The Presentation (VIDEO)

When you’re standing on stage, introducing the world to the new product that could determine the future success of your company, you kind of want that product to actually, you know, work.

At Microsoft’s product announcement event on Monday, when the company debuted the Surface tablet, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Microsoft executive Steve Sinofsky was showing off some of the features of the Surface when the device he was holding froze up. The screen totally locked and the tablet became useless. Sinofsky kept his cool and was able to keep going with the presentation, but he had no choice but to ditch the frozen tablet for a working one.

“Excuse me just a second,” said Sinofsky as he conspicuously jogged to the back to swap tablets. Take a look:

This isn’t the first time something has gone horribly wrong in a Microsoft presentation. When showing off Windows 98, Bill Gates famously stood on stage while his computer crashed to a blue screen of death:

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