Details Emerge About Tonight’s Major Microsoft Announcement

When it was first revealed that Microsoft would be making a major announcement to members of the tech news community in Los Angeles on June 18 (today), rumors immediately began to fly. Though some bloggers had crazy theories about what the announcement would entail, most eventually agreed that the software giant would be introducing some kind of tablet computer.

Specifically, the consensus (which we reported on) was that Microsoft would unveil a 7-inch tablet in partnership with Barnes & Noble, the company behind the Nook e-reader. This tablet would theoretically become a direct competitor for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Not so fast, says Barnes & Noble.

The company released a statement today saying that it will have no involvement in Microsoft’s announcement. A spokesperson told The Verge that the company is “not part of [Microsoft's] announcement.”

Now, rumors have shifted to the possibility of an XBox-branded, Microsoft-manufactured tablet that would serve as an accessory to the Xbox 360. Microsoft showed off its SmartGlass technology at its recent E3 event and it would make a lot of sense for the company to want to rush out a tablet to compete with Nintendo’s upcoming WiiU console (which features tablet-like functionality in its controllers).

The Microsoft event gets started at 6:30PM tonight. We’ll keep you updated about what gets announced.

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