Mr. Cleanup, Ihor Stetkewycz, Don’t Take No Orders From No Woman (VIDEO)

Someone nominate this guy for citizen of the year. Better yet, someone call up the people who run ABC and tell them we have just the man to breathe new life into the increasingly dull Bachelor series. This man is every woman’s dream.

His name is Ihor Stetkewycz and he was caught dumping tree parts on a Detroit street (which might actually make the street cleaner, amirite?). When confronted by a local investigative news team, Ihor unleashed the crazy.

Take a look at this:

Where does one even begin with this? This man is completely ridiculous. Not only does he openly reveal himself to be a gigantic bigot on television, but he casually mentions that he’s from Mars as if that’s a completely normal thing that requires no follow-up.

Since this video first aired, our pal Ihor has run into even more trouble. It came to light that he was charged with indecent exposure and failed to show up in court, so he eventually found himself in jail. In typical Ihor fashion, he had a completely ridiculous excuse for the indecent exposure incident:

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