Burger King Bacon Sundae Is Very Real, Very Awesome (PHOTOS)

This thing can’t get inside me soon enough.

Starting tomorrow, Burger King locations across this great country of ours will begin selling Bacon Sundaes. The sundae will be part of a special summer menu that will also include other pork-heavy items, such as the Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich and the Carolina BBQ Tendergrill. Oh, and there will be sweet potato fries, too.

But let’s get back to what matters here: Burger King is about to start selling a Bacon Sundae. It goes on sale tomorrow. Stop reading this article right now and go line up outside your local BK, dummy!

This seems like a clear attempt on the King’s part to fire back at Taco Bell’s success with the Doritos Locos Taco (the taco with a shell made out of Doritos). That thing was a gigantic success, selling 100 million units in the 10 weeks following its launch in March.

Are you lined up outside of a Burger King yet? No?

If you’re still reading–perhaps you are skeptical about the combination of savory bacon and sweet ice cream–allow me to convince you. The product image shows a sundae made from vanilla ice cream, drizzled in chocolate and butterscotch sauces and then coated in ba-freaking-con. What the heck else do you need to know? Of course it will be amazing!

Just look at this thing:

And the other new menu items:

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