The Dingo Actually Did Kill My Baby

You know that song or saying, The Dingo Ate My Baby? Well, oddly enough, there is some truth to this… A 32-year-old mystery has finally been solved on Tuesday. A judge found that a dingo is indeed responsible for killing a baby.

Infant Azaria Chamberlain was taken from her tent in 1980, leading to the arrest and conviction of the baby’s mother, Lindy Chamberlain (now Lindy Chamberlian-Creighton).

Her then husband was charged with accessory after the fact and given a suspended sentence. She spent three years in jail before being cleared of murder in 1987. Yet the cause of death was unknown. Until Tuesday.

“This has been a terrifying battle, bitter at times, but now some healing, and a chance to put our daughter’s spirit to rest,” said the baby’s father, Michael Chamberlain.

The nine-week-old Azaria was snatched from a tent in a camping ground near Uluru. Her body was never found. Lindy has maintained throughout the years that she saw the wild dog with Azaria in her mouth as it ran from the tent.

“Obviously we are relieved and delighted to come to the end of this saga,” said the baby’s mother.

The ruling comes a day after what would have been Azaria’s 32nd birthday. The couple’s ordeal has been portrayed in A Cry in the Dark, starring Meryl Streep.

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