Sweden’s Twitter Account Strategy: Maybe Not the Best Idea

Sweden has a novel way of handling its public relations and encouraging tourism: the country hands over the login and password to its official Twitter account to a different citizen every week, and allows that citizen full control over the account.

In theory, it sounds pretty cool. Sweden hopes that each ‘curator’ will bring their own, unique viewpoint to the account, thus showcasing Sweden’s diversity to the world. Unfortunately, some of those ‘viewpoints’ are pretty controversial.

Newsflash: like any other country in the world, Sweden contains idiots. Who knew. And when you hand your country’s official Twitter account over to these people, you get pictures like this:

The picture was captioned, ‘hungry gay with AIDS’.

Sweden’s current curator, Sonja, describes herself as a 27-year-old mother. Her tweets are strange and sometimes ignorant, violent, or homophobic, and they can’t be good for the country’s attempt to encourage tourism. Sonja also wonders,

She even gives a history lesson:

Sweden has a history of anti-censorship policies, however, so Sonja’s tweets are here to stay. While curators are encouraged to have dignity and “not make fools of themselves”, there are no hard rules for the use of the official account.

I guess all we can do is sit back and enjoy the bizarre ride.

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