Diablo III Auction House Now Online; Blizzard Takes Hefty Cut for Each Sale

Diablo III didn’t exactly get off to a hot start, but now that the technical issues have been (mostly) ironed out, the game is really hitting its stride. Now, there’s one more feature hardcore fans of the series should check out: the Real Money Auction House, which allows players to post and bid on items from the game.

When the first Diablo launched sixteen years ago, it caught the world by storm with addictive dungeon-crawling gameplay that challenged players not only to defeat Diablo and his demonic minions, but collect as much loot as possible. Challenging gamers to constantly improve a character with new pieces of equipment was perhaps one of the game’s single greatest achievements, since it guaranteed serious replay value.

At the time, the only way to trade items found in the game was through online, third-party auction sites like eBay. When Diablo II was released a few years later, the exchange of items through these kinds of avenues continued.

But only now has Blizzard decided it wants to control how items are marketed and exchanged. One big reason for the change: older versions of Diablo saw the widespread creation and selling of fake items.

Blizzard’s new service seeks to avoid the scams by letting players post their items for auction in exchange for real-world cash. Blizzard charges a $1 fee for every sale made, and with Diablo III already established as this year’s most popular PC game, that’s sure to make the company some serious moolah. (In addition, Blizzard will be taking a 15 per cent cut when users transfer funds from the game to PayPal.)

So, how much can you expect to spend on a seriously sweet flamberge, wand, or morning star? According to reports, the typical price for items is between $20 and $40, with maximum buyouts set at $250.

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