Ku Klux Klan Wants to Adopt a Georgia Highway

A chapter of one of America’s most infamous hate groups wants to adopt a highway in Georgia, and the state is none too pleased about it.

April Chambers, secretary of the North Georgia chapter of the KKK, said, “We’re not doing it for publicity. We’re doing it to keep the mountains beautiful. People throwing trash out on the side of the road … that ain’t right.” Clearly April is the one to talk to about what is and “ain’t” right.

Chambers also attempted to make the classic, ‘we’re totally not racist’ argument, stating, “We’re not racists. We just want to be with white people.”

The Georgia Department of Transportation’s website says, “any civic-minded organization, business, individual, family, city, county, state, or federal agency is welcome to volunteer in the Georgia Adopt-A-Highway program.”

This unfortunately includes the KKK. If approved, the hate group would have their name on a sign by the side of a one mile stretch of highway on Georgia State Route 515, which is not a good thing in a state that would rather pretend they don’t exist.

Unfortunately, the Department of Transportation is considering shutting down the ‘adopt-a-highway’ program over this, rather than grant the group’s request. This is particularly disappointing because there is such a simple solution. Georgia could simply do as Missouri did when they faced the same situation: allow the KKK to adopt the highway… and promptly rename it the Rosa Parks Freeway.

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