I’ll Have Another Tears Tendon And Will Miss The Belmont: Report

Career-ending tendon tears aren’t limited to the world of human athletes. According to multiple reports, the horse I’ll Have Another has torn a tendon and will be forced to retire from thoroughbred racing. The news is expected to be announced at a press conference this afternoon.

Update: The injury is now said to be a swollen left front tendon. I’ll Have Another’s trainers say that they don’t want to take any risks. Better to have a horse retire to stud than die on the track.

It’s not all bad news, as I’ll Have Another will get to live out the rest of his life getting freaky with female horses. Not a bad gig.

It’s a big disappointment for fans of horse racing, however. I’ll Have Another is the most recent in a long line of horses to win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, but fail to secure a victory in the Belmont Stakes, the final piece of the Triple Crown.

In history, 30 horses have reached the Belmont with a chance at a Triple Crown. Eleven succeeded and 19 failed to get the job done. I’ll Have Another’s quest is over before race day even begins.

And so, it has now been 35 years since the last Triple Crown winner, Affirmed in 1978.

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