Metta World Peace Fills In As Weatherman, Gives Weather Report As Insane As You Would Expect (VIDEO)

When he’s not viciously elbowing opposing players in the face, Metta World Peace can be a pretty quirky and funny guy.

It’s not exactly clear why World Peace ended up in Vancouver (he tweeted something about eating Persian food with a woman) or how he found himself on the set of CTV giving the weather report to the residents of Vancouver. Even World Peace himself seemed befuddled by the whole thing, tweeting:

“I’m about to do weather on CTV channel 9 ian Vancouver..How did this happen?I don’t know how I got here I’m just here doing earthly things”

Regardless of why it happened, what matters is that it actually did happen. And it was pretty awesome. Check out the video:

The report was a little rocky, as World Peace clearly isn’t a trained meteorologist. Still, he held his own and managed to sneak in some jokes. “I’m assuming there’s cougars and bears up here to so, watch out, don’t go over there, stay away from there,” he said at one point.

“To get from this island to this island take a boat… I’m assuming,” he added, helpfully.

He also got in a few slightly inappropriate jokes, as you would expect. He said that the city of Victoria “sounds like she’s hot,” but cleverly noted that she is actually cold (temperature-wise).

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