Man Thwarts 7-Eleven Robbery in the Most Badass Way Possible (VIDEO)

So, imagine this: you’re at your favorite 7-Eleven, picking up some Taquitos and a bottle of wine for later tonight, when suddenly, some guy with a bandana over his face walks in and pulls out a knife. If you’re like most people, your first instinct is probably to hide behind the Slurpee machine and pray that you make it out with your Taquitos intact.

But if you’re like this 7-Eleven customer, your first instinct is to spontaneously grow quads on top of your quads and just straight up kick the knife out of the dude’s hand because you ain’t got time to bleed.

A would-be thief in Orange County, Florida, was caught off guard this morning when his robbery plans were foiled by a customer. Surveillance cameras in the 7-Eleven captured a scene that could have been taken right out of an action movie. The moment the thief pulls his knife out, a nearby customer kicks it out of his hand. The thief looks momentarily confused, at which point the customer chases him out of the store while holding a wine bottle.

In an interview with WFTV reporter Tim Barber, the customer explains his actions:

“I know he wasn’t kidding because he came after me. I ain’t going to let that dude stab me, so I am like, ‘Boom!'”

Watch the video below:

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