This Isn’t The Miss New Zealand Stripping Story You Probably Wanted (PHOTOS)

This Isn’t The Miss New Zealand Stripping Story You Probably Wanted (PHOTOS) The woman just named Miss New Zealand could be doing some stripping in the near future. Stripping her title, that is. Sorry to disappoint.

It turns out that 22-year-old Avianca Bohm, named Miss New Zealand on Saturday, isn’t actually from New Zealand. Instead, she’s from South Africa. As you can imagine, it’s more than a little necessary to actually be from New Zealand to be eligible to claim the most prestigious honor in that country (okay, okay… perhaps not the most prestigious, but it’s gotta be in the top five).

The weird part about the story is that Bohm never actually lied about her nationality. She told the Miss New Zealand pageant organizers about her true birthplace, and how she only moved to New Zealand when she was 16, and they decided to let her take part in the competition regardless–with the condition that she would be ineligible to win.

There was just one problem: she won.

Now the controversy has shifted to whether Bohm will still be allowed to participate in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. Considering that she is clearly a resident of this universe, I don’t see how they could exclude her.

Then again, the Miss Universe pageant has been excluding people lately. Canadian Jenna Talackova was recently disqualified after judges found out that she was born as a he. Additionally, Miss Dominican Republic Carlina Duran was excluded when it was discovered that she’s married.

Photos of Avianca Bohm below:

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