Teenager Claims Disney World ‘Ruined Her Dreams’ by Kicking Her Out for Wearing Tinkerbell Costume (VIDEO)

April Spielman had a dream – and that dream was to visit Disney World dressed as Tinkerbell. Unfortunately for April, her dreams were dashed when the mean, mean men at ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ refused her admittance due to her costume.

Did I mention that April Spielman is not a six-year-old girl?

The 15-year-old was taking her boyfriend on his first trip to Disney World, and had hoped to make his experience memorable by making Tinkerbell and Peter Pan costumes for both of them. No word on whether April’s boyfriend is a six-year-old girl.

According to the teenager, she spent ‘months’ working on the costumes and ‘hours’ painting her nails, applying eyeshadow, and spraying herself with glitter. The result looked a lot like a last-minute Halloween costume:

When April and her boyfriend arrived at the Animal Kingdom, they were stopped by security, who told them that they couldn’t enter the park dressed as Disney characters. This is in keeping with the park’s dress code policy, which clearly states that guests are prohibited from wearing “adult costumes or clothing that can be viewed as representative of an actual Disney character.” The ban is in place to keep children visiting the park from confusing other visitors with Disney’s employees.

In an amusing display of teenage melodrama, April tells WKMG (between tears) that, “It just broke my heart. It ruined my dreams because I just wanted to be Tinkerbell.”

“They said I looked too good,” says Spielman. You keep that dream alive, April.

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6 Responses to Teenager Claims Disney World ‘Ruined Her Dreams’ by Kicking Her Out for Wearing Tinkerbell Costume (VIDEO)

  1. That kid lives down the street and I can speak from experience “the entire family has issues.” The daughter is a pot smoking weirdo. She does more drugs then a rap music guy. The son is a raging train wreck who will be lucky to avoid jail over the next few years. Wow, and the mother is a nightly boozer that’s losing her home but can find money for a Disney vacation. Disney was correct in kicking them out. I only wish we could get them off this block.

    • This is so annoying! Disney policy very clearly states that adults may not be admitted in costume. It’s on their website. And they even gave them free clothes and FastPasses to make up for it, so she should seriously stop seeking media attention and get over it. I hate people.

  2. Typical teenager entitlement…This is what we get for schools teaching “everyone is a winner” and tv shows telling them they are all special. What does she expect? Sympathy for being too stupid to look at the parks rules, and not getting special treatment?
    Anything for their 15 minutes of fame

  3. I personally don’t agree with Disney World’s policy on adults wearing costumes. Disney World is a place “where dreams come true” and I feel that anybody can dress up as long as its appropriate. I’m a teenager with long brown hair. If I dressed up like Cinderella I doubt that a little girl would think that I’m the “real” Cinderella with my brunette locks. Just let the girl have fun people!