Model Melissa Stetten Live-Tweets A Pathetic Pickup Attempt By Married Actor Brian Presley

Brian Presley is a moderately successful actor who recently swore off alcohol and reaffirmed his Christian faith. He’s also married and has a five-year-old son. That’s him on the right.

Melissa Stetten is an up-and-coming model whose quirky and clever tweets have gained her a decently-sized following on Twitter. You can see photos of her here.

The two “artists” sat next to each other on a recent flight and sparks flew. Well, on one end, at least.

Presley tried to hit on Stetten, even covertly removing his wedding ring at one point, and Stetten live-tweeted the whole thing to her followers. His game was weak, to put it nicely. You can read the whole saga below. It’s riveting:

Though the whole thing is kind of a #humblebrag, it’s hard to blame Stetten for wanting to get the creepiness of it all off her chest. It’s quite likely that she ruined Presley’s life (she not only outed him as an adulterer, but also revealed that he’s off the wagon with regards to his recovery from alcoholism), but he kind of deserves it, right? The story is only breaking now, so there’s a good chance that, as you read this, he doesn’t even know that his life is ruined yet.

Is life like this for all (non-super)models? Do they just constantly get his on by C-list actors?

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37 Responses to Model Melissa Stetten Live-Tweets A Pathetic Pickup Attempt By Married Actor Brian Presley

  1. Steve folmz says:

    The ropers.

    • Lyle Chipperson says:

      Tss tss… He’d probably be better off dropping Melissa then picking her up or sumptin… Double guns, go to break!

  2. She is the model who tweeted about winning the mega million jackpot

  3. Cookie Haid says:

    LOL, Steve! (yehhhsss)

    I didn’t realize how young Stetten is…Ant’s a pedo. What a catch too…beauty, intelligence, and an excellent sense of humor.

  4. It looks like she deleted the tweet about him going to the restroom and removing his wedding ring. All the other tweets are there, though. Funny that she removed that one.

  5. I think she saw an opportunity to be on the spotlight and took it. Brian is lucky she didn’t say he slept with her because apparently the world will beleive her.

    • Why would she want to say she slept with him when she is obviously repulsed by him? His career will likely benefit from this, for the first time ever there might be people who know his name other than the woman who he is trying to cheat on.

      • Uh if you look up her name, she’s desperately trying to be a “snarky internet funny girl.” Seriously. Read the rest of her twitter feed. She’s desperate for attention..

        15 minutes? fading fast…..

  6. BTW….saw her pics…. she is uuuuuuugly. hahaha. Apparently she shares this resemblance..

  7. so apparently everything a very obviously anti-christian bigot says in a few twitter messages is true? what sham journalism! what a pathetic story! i thought even stupid people realized that you can just post whatever you want on twitter regardless of truth. i’m sure the author of this will next have a story about micheal jackson sending tweets from the afterlife.

    • Nice try, Brian.

    • CalifBeachGal says:

      I agree with Realist. And I love that the picture she took of him shows him totally disinterested in her and who cares if he opens the window. Get your own airplane if you don’t like who you travel next to or need to tweet about them to pass the time! What a loser model.

    • Like the authors of that really old book. The one with all the fairy tales that causes war and stuff. They lied, too. Fuggin liars.

  8. Pathetic. Some people crave attention, regardless of it’s consequences.

  9. Did anyone stop to wonder how she was tweeting on an airplane? I thought phones were supposed to be off during flights!

  10. For all what we know the opposite of the story presented could be just as much true. Maybe Melissa offered herself to Brian, but the latter refused the girl, so she started this smear campaign against him. The only “proof” we have of her story is a guy (whose face isn’t even recognizable) turning from her away to the windows and sleeping.

    • Yes, it was her lifelong dream and yearlong plot to corner a D list actor on a plane and smear his nonexistent reputation. Get real people. Se may be an attention craving model (um , is that not what twitter is for) yet somehow that makes it the least likely thing in the world for a married, self righteous actor to act like a philandering douche.

  11. whyinthehell says:

    Oh come ON, why are you bashing her? She didn’t ruin his life by tweeting about the encounter, he ruined it by being an ass and a liar. Besides, this will give him publicity and all he has to do is blame all of his bad behavior on the evil alcohol.

    1. She’s funny. 2. He’s a douche. 3. Too many pretty women give you the heave-ho? You’re jealousy is showing.

    • She might be a groupie of him. When groupies get ignored, they turn into psychos, this woman must have menthal health issues, she is acting so pure pathetic… a real woman with eductaion, stil and a grown mind wouldnt act like this.

  12. Alternative 1. She live tweeted thinking it was funny and mockable that some annoying actor was hitting on her, name dropping and drinking. and you either find this a. funny and relatable, or b. annoying, callous and attention starved.
    Alternative 2. She is a terririnst using her phone in-flight, an anti christian bigot for daring to imply that people of faith can be hypocrites, engaged in a smear campaign against someone less famous that YOU, and oh yea, the world’s ugliest model.
    I am no sure how I will come to my decision on which scenario I believe.

  13. misspelled terrorist and meant to say she is less famous THAN you.

  14. I was at Brian Presley’s house watching an Oklahoma football game last November. Met his beautiful wife and two cute kids. He seemed like a super nice dude. Don’t know if the tweets are true…maybe, but who cares anyway? If so, it’s between he and his wife…and this Melissa Stetton bitch, mouthpiece of the world…lol

  15. Read this chick’s blog. She’s batshit crazy and wants everything to be about her; this was not the first time she wondered if she had wrecked someone else’s life. Clearly she still misses her Zoloft (her words, not mine)… Maybe she can explain why the sun was shining during a redeye flight – don’t those happen at night? I’ve never heard of either of these people, but this skank clearly wants to be famous… And is trying too hard.

    • A flight from LA to NYC lasts 5 hours. Sun comes up pretty early. 5:30ish these days. Red eye flights leave in the middle of the night. So let’s say the flight took off at 12:30 in LA, flying East, time changes, you know the whole time zone thing, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Western. NYC is 3 hours ahead of LA. So if the flight leaves at 12:30AM in LA, it is 3:30AM in NYC. Flying 5 hours across the country. Lands in NYC at let’s say 5:30AM LA time, 8:30AM NYC time, I think the sun will be up. Done and done.
      I don’t know and don’t care about who is telling the truth in this story, but the fact that there is sunlight on a red eye flight is the most ridiculous ‘proof’ offered that she is lying.

    • (R)Evoluzione says:

      Cosign—her blog reads like it’s written by a female with Asperger’s or maybe even borderline personality disorder. It’s chock full of narcisistic sentiments. Her twitter feed confirms all of this. She’s fairly hot, (slightly odd nose, while we’re on the subject) but getting the crazy vibe from a chick like this is a clear no-fly zone.

      But, Brian got served by his own failure to read her signals and overall bad form. Take it as a lesson, gentlemen. Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate. Listen, connect, and act from a state of authenticity to avoid this sort of entanglement.

  16. Melissa you have really low self-esteem and I think you need to read the definition of histrionic disorder. Don’t date anymore sketchy guys. I wish you the best.

  17. So Andrew I think we are the only two rational people. I read her blog too and thought she was crazy. She’s a pill popping alcoholic and the fact that she’s on a “redeye” and the sun is shinning totally discredits her. She’s an attention seeking, self centered nut job.

    • Taking Zoloft does not make her a pill popper, MiSogNee. There is nothing wrong with her needing antidepressants.

    • Please see my reply to your fellow rational person Andrew about time zones and sunrise times.

  18. hey melissa

    your a dumb self centred up yourself idiot

    that is all.

  19. A skinny twenty-two year old girl that insists on telling five hundred really close friends at a time how complicated her important life is. Play by play on some dude with a buzz killing time and she’s the star of a movie! She gets a pass because she’s twenty two. Wait until some hedge fund partner dumps her when he’s done playing and she treats us to a hundred obsessive tweets a day on what pigs men are. She’s probably pretty funny to hang out with and I wish her well.