Fat Casey Anthony Is Fooling People In Florida

An artist's rendering of what Casey Anthony could look like today

Women have limited options when they want to change their appearance. Men can always grow a beard or shave their head. For women, a haircut and a new hair color, or maybe some new glasses, are the often the best/only options.

In Casey Anthony’s case, extreme measures were required. Anthony has been holed up in Florida after she was somehow acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee. Though there have been rumors about Anthony partying, she hasn’t exactly been out in public much. She isn’t exactly welcome and she has been wise to not push her luck by going to the movies or the mall like a regular person.

Until now, that is.

According to the latest rumors, Anthony is beginning to venture outside on a much more frequent basis–and she isn’t being recognized. How did she accomplish this? Did she become a master of disguise during her time in hiding?

Nope. She just got really fat.

According to the gossip site Radar Online, Anthony has packed on so many pounds, and her face is now so puffy, that she can walk around in public without being recognized. A source close to the situation said that she just sits in front of her computer all day and eats. Hey! Sounds like someone I can relate to.

Anthony, of course, isn’t naturally fat. In fact, she once had toned abs like this:

When Anthony is brave enough to leave the house, it’s usually for the purpose of getting food, according to sources.

Anthony is on probation for writing bad checks and is required to remain in Florida for several more months. Once that’s up, she is rumored to be planning to leave the US for a country where she is more anonymous–perhaps Costa Rica. The US is the world leader in sitting at home and getting fat, though, so maybe she will be hesistant to leave her current lifestyle behind.

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  1. Best artists rendering…ever.


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  3. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    Did you make that artist’s rendering? Because lol.