Nintendo Reveals Wii U Pro Controller, Which Looks Very Much Like An Xbox 360 Controller (PHOTO)

Desperate to convince hardcore gamers to give the upcoming Wii U a chance, Nintendo intentionally leaked an image of its upcoming console’s “pro” controller yesterday. And it looks an awful lot like a controller gamers are already very familiar with.

That’s it to the right. If your first reaction was that it looks almost exactly like an XBox 360 controller, you definitely aren’t alone. This appears to be a clear attempt on Nintendo’s part to rejoin the world of mainstream gaming after the major departure that was the Wii.

Take a look at the two controllers in a side-by-side comparison:

We already know that Ninendo will be showing off the final version of its Wii U console at E3 (which begins tomorrow), along with some of the launch games, so showing the world a controller a few days in advance isn’t exactly major news.

It isn’t insignificant news, either. Nintendo has rapidly been losing market share in the gaming world as people have tired of the underpowered Wii and its lack of compelling games. Some have called the Wii U the most important console in Nintendo’s history. If the company can’t gain a foothold among the millions of hardcore console gamers who view the Wii as a passing fad, the end could be near for the gaming giant.

Of course, the Wii U “pro” controller is just one option for gamers. The far less conventional Wii U tablet controller (pictured below) will likely be the option that ships with the console and that most of the launch games make use of.

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3 Responses to Nintendo Reveals Wii U Pro Controller, Which Looks Very Much Like An Xbox 360 Controller (PHOTO)

  1. Didn’t the XBox controller look a lot like the Gamecube controller? Even down to the asymetrical joystick placement, which differed from the Playstation controller.

    Who’s copying who here?

  2. -Holy Rip-off Batman!!!111
    -Shame on you Nintendo!1

    -A blatant rip-off, but if you are going to copy someone…..
    copy the best in the business.

    -Good luck Nintendo!1 -You now have 3 totally different controllers for your new system…..

    -Nothing like confusing your customers.

    -In my opinion Microsoft already won this E3.
    -Say hi to Diablo 3

    • JustThatGuyBen says:

      How did they win? besides Halo $, their conference was extremely average unless you love watching sports on your 360? I am looking forward to Sony’s to see what they do with the Vita, but Nintendo’s is going to rock the house if they have good games, which they are focusing their whole conference on so it will be great.