First Look At Sim City 5 Game Action (PHOTOS)

Maxis, the developer behind the once wildly-popular video game series SimCity, has released three images that show what the upcoming Sim City 5 will look like. Get ready to get your nostalgia on.

Until today, fans only had concept art to look at. The images below show actual gameplay. Obviously, graphics have come a long way since the last installment of the Sim City series. The game hasn’t lost all its cartoonish charm, however. Maxis has gone pretty heavy on the tilt-shift effect in the game, giving it a sort of “miniatures” look that is pretty neat.

Take a look for yourself:

The new game engine is said to be able to support “tens of thousands” of in-game citizens and vehicles, all moving on their own at the same time. There is also apparently going to be a multiplayer component and the ability to save your game in the cloud.

Fans won’t be able to play Sim City 5 until 2013. It will be on PC (of course) and is expected to be available both in stores and on digital distribution platforms like Steam and Origin.

Looks very promising!

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