Hollywood Is Actually Going To Make A Fraggle Rock Movie

In the era of remakes, everything eventually gets a modern movie version. Fraggle Rock, one of the most beloved shows of my childhood (and many other ’80s babies, as well as adults who were attracted to the show’s hippie undertones) is next up.

The live action puppet series from Jim Henson about cave-dwelling creatures called “Fraggles” first aired in Canada, but was later picked up by HBO and ITV in the United Kingdom. It was a pretty big hit for a short period of time, with its amazing theme song even reaching as high as No. 33 on the music charts in the UK.

The Jim Henson Co. and the Montecito Picture Co. will reportedly produce the movie version of the property. Alex Manugian and Jim Byrkit (Rango) are tabbed to pen the screenplay.

A film version of Fraggle Rock has been rumored for years now, but nothing was finalized until recently. A huge reason for the studio finally giving the go-ahead is likely the success of the recent Muppets movie, starring Jason Segel.

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