Ghost in the Shell: Now You Can Keep Updating Your Facebook Page After You Die

You may recall the fan page that popped up on Facebook a few years ago, called, “When I Die I Give My Friends Permission to Change My Status to ‘Is Dead’”. Well, now the concept of post-death status updates has been taken beyond joke fan pages and fodder for discussions about the pervasiveness of social networking, and into the realm of ‘real things that actually exist’. The future is now, you guys.

Created by entrepreneur James Norris, Dead is an online tool that allows users to keep their social networking accounts up and running after they kick the bucket. Users can schedule messages to be sent over their various social networks, as well as to specific people, after the time of their death. The tool is currently in beta, and is gaining approximately 40 new members each day.

Think about it: the possibilities are endless. Want to wish your child a happy birthday every year after you’re gone? Done. Want to tell your wife where you buried the treasure?  You got it. Want to live your dream of being a digital poltergeist and haunting your enemies from beyond the grave FOR REALZ? You can do that!

Currently, the basic version of the service is free. All you have to do is sign up, input messages and assign them to the intended recipients, and choose a solicitor to notify the site at the time of your death so that your account can be activated.

I can think of one other beneficial application of this tool: putting ‘psychics’ out of business. Who needs John Edward when you can get a “weather’s nice; wish you were here” letter delivered straight from the afterlife to your inbox?

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