The 10 Annoying People You See At The Gym (INFOGRAPHIC)

I signed up for a gym member ship a few years ago. I didn’t expect to become best friends with everyone I met at the gym, but I figured the worst thing I’d encounter there would be groups of roided-out workout warriors taking all good machines and just being douchebags overall. I was wrong. So wrong.

I still enjoy going to the gym, but it’s getting to the point where there are some things about it that I just can’t take. Specifically, there are certain people at my gym who are so disgusting and/or annoying that I just can’t be around them.

I know I can’t be alone in this. I’m sure that many of you have seen the exact same people and feel the same way. So, I made this list. This is the 10 annoying people you see at the gym.

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16 Responses to The 10 Annoying People You See At The Gym (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. How about the worst of all. The lame ass dude that spends his time looking around the gym and stereotyping everyone. Stopping looking around and judging and start lifting some weights. Cause after all you look like an obese little girl.

  2. Phillip Goodman says:

    Good, Good, let the butthurt flow through you

  3. I’m totally the sweaty guy, but sometimes you can’t help it! Never the stinky one!

  4. What about the guys who p**s about on the machines and sit there doing sweet f**k all for 10 minutes between “sets”

  5. This guy would be the creeper for writing and watching what everyone does at the gym,

  6. What’s wrong with the pervy guy? If you’re not going to glance at the sexy women then ur obviously gay! How do you expect ur testosterone levels to be so high and not want to look at the women. Heck even butt ass ugly fat girls start to look good at that point. Personally checking a lady out gives me motivation to work harder. If you don’t like it go to an all ladies gym. Take it as a compliment you’re getting check out ur doing something right! and as a lady let that be your motivation 🙂 If ladies checked guys at the gym u would have a lot more buffed guys in the world. To bad the ladies I come across are so damn snobby. I know they go to work out and not to be bothered but friggen smile its charity.

  7. Funny, I have alternately been the sweaty guy and the stinky guy(left my gear in the gym over the weekend). Also, I am quite often the showoff w/o really realizing it, according to wifey. The perv and the grunter get on my nerves the most though.

  8. Grow Up, There are different types of people in this world. Live with it!
    Else just go to some remote island and spend the rest of your life there.

  9. Well in all honesty mate you get annoyed far too easily. Those kinda people are always present yes, and i chuckle to myself when I see people standing in the mirror for ages; but it’s really not that bad. I hate it when people tell me they don’t go to the gym because they might feel inadequate because of all the huge guys in there. How insecure are these people? And how exactly do they think those big guys got to where they are now?

    And by the way at least the other types of guys arent standing around in the gym judging everyone else.

  10. i am that show off person too sometimes

  11. Clearly, most of you people don’t see the humor in this 😛
    According to me you forgot one type though, the guy that grunts even when he’s not lifting.

  12. About the sweaty one – sweating can NEVER be bad! It’s a sign for a good metabolism and a high testosterone level, which itself proves the opposite of bad…Im also a sweaty one and i can tell you it has more advantages than disadvantages (:

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  14. Well, Arnold.. and a lot of the best physiques ever… would fit into #2.