Guy Eats Other Guy’s Face, For Real

Rudy Eugene

So yeah, as you can read from the headline: a guy actually ate another guy’s face. Like, zombie-style. And unlike our cannibal story from last week, this was an uninvited munch-a-thon.

Rudy Eugene, 31, was shot dead as he feasted on his victim’s lips, ears, eyes, and nose, ripping off the flesh with his bare teeth. The guy was also fully naked and totally out of it, baring his teeth at police officers.

“The guy was like tearing him to pieces with his mouth, so I told him, ‘Get off!'” said the cyclist who witnessed the grisly scene. “He just kept eating the other guy away, like ripping his skin. The police officer came over, told him several times to get off, and an officer climbed over the divider and got in front of him and said: ‘Get off!'”

Eugene was warned to stop eating his victim: “He told him several times and the guy just stood his head up like that with a piece of flesh in his mouth and growled. The guy, he was like a zombie, blood dripping. It was intense.”

No doubt, the eye witness will have those images seared into his memory: “The closest thing I’ve seen to it? The Walking Dead. I never thought I would see someone eating someone. It was really, really horrific.”

Apparently, the guy was hopped up on a new designer drug called ‘Bath Salts.’ What a misleading name–kinda gives the image of a relaxing high–instead: people-eating. The drug is a variant of LSD and causes feelings of invincibility, aggression, paranoia and superhuman strength.

Eugene and the victim were both homeless, and the victim was seen writhing in pain before help arrived. He’s still in critical condition.

Man, let’s keep people-eating on the silver screen, folks.

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33 Responses to Guy Eats Other Guy’s Face, For Real

  1. Oh my!!! This is just so stupied. Something is wrong with people.

  2. Bath salts are closer to PCP even though they’re damn near an amphetamine. I blame Ra’s Al Ghul

    • Ok all this is horrible but the man was naked no weapons but his teeth and the police couldn’t use force to arrest him? They had no idea if was on drugs are just a man that went crazy

      • So you would of went over there and used force on a guy eating someones face off? Seriously you would take that risk! If so go into law enforcement and be the “point man” the one that goes on first!

        • Will mcneill says:

          He’s not a cop. A cop should have been able to subdue him, there were plenty of them on scene, but it’s better that they didn’t. It saved the taxpayers at least a million dollars.

      • seriously are you retarted? you would go use force instead of shooting the guy dead because you dont know what is actually wrong with him? he ate a guys face for 18 minutes. and you think he should have lived? and all of those people that passed by are stupid. they just kept going i wouldve went up and started beating the hell out of the guy not just walk by so casually.

  3. I just turned 14 the 29 of may and I couldn’t sleep I was scared of I don’t know what the guy is dead now!!!!!I couldn’t bare to read it any more or lOok at that guys picture…….and I don’t think the drugs was an excuse who in there rightbmind would do that?! Just sayin

    • the drug he was on is extremely addictive so he probably kept taking it for a while which made it much worse, and it also causes intense hallucinations… he may have even believed that he was an animal or zombie ! he was growling and the first gun shot did not stop him from eating the other guy..the drug also makes people super strong and they cannot feel pain 🙁

      • Ur right Dani. My husband was on bath salts last year… he thought I had people living in my attic and people living n my mattress, couch u name it. He got so bad he committed suicide. This drug is very powerful.

    • Caitlin Hallam says:

      I felt the same way and my mom was like your fine

  4. Well Aysia ur only 14 u have no clue how drugs can make people act r what they can do if they get some bad stuff. Had he not been on this he probably wld have never done this.

  5. Who gives a dam “but you obviousely” if he was on drugs or gone crazy??? I would blown his brains out aswell,,,,Well Done Officer….

    • Extreme poverty + bad mental illness + horrible stupid a$$ drugs = zombie eats face

      • Well people at my school are saying it was a zombie attack but after thinking about it I really think it was just the fact that they never should have even made the drug!!!! So yeah!!

        • Well all I have to say is that I really feel bad for the guy who got his face eaten and when I read about it I was shocked and grossed out and I think this world is coming to an end

          • The world I’d coming to and end because drugs are killin everybody. It’s dad to say but it’s true.

  6. People r so stupid in this work I think this world is coming to an end and I just have to say I feel bad for the guy who got eaten when I heard about it I was shocked

  7. He is stupid and on crazy too!!!!!

  8. Wish they had a video or a picture of it..

    • >.> Do you have a picture of it? Id luv to watch a vid too ^.^ then take a rlly big gun and let the epidemic BEGIN.

  9. If you think about it everyone keeps sayin don’t do drugs but if they keep puttin drugs out there there is no way to stop it…. And the people that keep sayin don’t do drugs are the main ones puttin it out there….. Solo WAKE UP CALL stop making drugs!!

  10. i really wish people should just say no to drugz nd say yesss to hange out nd play beball you know but what ever bitchz just say no to drugzz

  11. What the hell! People are crazy theses day trying to get hy to feel relaxed um no

  12. sarah nunez says:

    that is nasty he dont have a nose

  13. sarah nunez says:

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