Todd Frazier Loses His Grip On The Bat, Homers Anyhow (VIDEO)

There are lots of rare feats in baseball. The perfect game, the triple play, the inside-the-park home run, hitting for the cycle. Yesterday, however, the Cincinnati Reds’ Todd Frazier pulled off one of the rarest of the rare: the no-hands home run.

Frazier took a relatively poor pitch from 49-year-old Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer and swung at it. The swing was hard and it was ugly. It was so hard and ugly, in fact, that Frazier’s bat slipped right out of his hands. On its way out of his hands, that bat happened to make contact with the ball and sent it five rows deep beyond the wall for a home run. Ridiculous.

Check it video of the whole thing here.

Frazier will get the stats for the home run, despite the fact that he kind of didn’t actually hit it. Sure, he sent the bat on it’s trajectory, but this was some of the most Angels in the Outfield stuff I’ve ever seen.

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