The Stanley Cup Teams Are Trash-Talking Each Other… On Twitter

We live in a world where the Twitter accounts of professional hockey franchises–the two best franchises in the league this season–talk trash to each other. What a time to be alive!

Whoever is behind the Twitter account for the Los Angeles Kings has made quite a name for himself/herself this playoff season. The account has been lively and made several posts that have come pretty close to crossing the line into blatant smack talk. Other teams have been the most common target, but the account has even levied an insult towards late night host Conan O’Brien. Though some people are fans of what the account does–it definitely creates buzz–others have called it a distraction and bemoaned the lack of class.

Now, the Kings’ Stanley Cup Finals opponents are getting involved. After the Kings feed posted a very thinly-veiled (and not exactly original) insultto the state of New Jersey, the Devils feed responded with a diplomatic response.

Here is the exchange:

Game one of the Stanley Cup Finals takes place on Wednesday night, so there’s still time for some more back-and-forth between the two teams. We’ll keep you posted if anything interesting happens.

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