Metta World Peace Wishes You A Happy Labor Day On This Memorial Day

Oh, Metta World Peace. Never change. (Unless, of course, you want to change your name to something even crazier and even more awesome).

This afternoon, Mr. World Peace logged in to his Twitter account and surely saw a timeline flooded with messages about some kind of holiday. If you checked your own Twitter feed today, you must have seen the same.

But what holiday could it be? It couldn’t possibly be the extremely famous American holiday that happens every single year near the end of May. You know, the one dedicated to honoring the memory of all the war heroes who fought to preserve the freedom of this great nation. The one called Memorial Day, also known as freakin’ today.


According to World Peace (I’ll never get used to that), today is Labor Day. And so, he wishes you all a happy Labor Day.

Here’s the tweet, straight from his fingers to your eyes:

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